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Danette Breitenbach is a freelance writer
Danette Breitenbach is a freelance writer and happiest behind her camera

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2010 Nov/Dec A Lifetime of Passion for Disability My wish is that one day there will be no special unit for people with disabilities because society will automatically cater for people with disabilities in all spheres from access to buildings, education, to their mindset.� � Eva Mahlangu View Record
2010 Sep/Oct Why Walk When You Can Soar! I exist. Therefore I am still a woman. View Record
2010 Jul/Aug Cedric Mkhize: A regular nice guy When Im asked who my hero is, I respond with pride that Im my own hero! I have been dealt a hand of cards View Record
2010 May/Jun On the wings of a nightingale On the Wings of a Nightingale - Danette Breitenbach I might walk differently, but when I sing, people only see me as a singer. View Record
2010 Mar/Apr Yes, We Can! " I once drove 1,200km to Zimbabwe on my own with my wheelchair in my boot! View Record
2010 Jan/Feb Developments on taxation for people with disabilities How will people with disability will be taxed - or not taxed View Record
2010 Jan/Feb Dancing Queen Whilst 2009 was not the best year for amny of us, fr Thuli Matlala it was a cracker of a year. View Record
2009 Nov/Dec A poet for life I met Mak Manaka in Melville at a snazzy venue with jazz playing in the background and the sounds and smells of the street wafting by View Record