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Andy Scott is the Head of Group Sponsorships at Nedbank
Andy Scott is the Head of Group Sponsorships at Nedbank. Raising sponsorship for disabled athletes including the Paralympic Team.

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2010 Nov/Dec Disabled, Delighted & Decorated To Richard Pinker and his team at RICOH, congratulations on signing your new deal with the Pumas, despite them having a pretty ordinary season, that’s what a partnership is all about! View Record
2010 Sep/Oct What's in a name? Issues such as stadium naming rights should surely have been sorted ... View Record
2010 Jul/Aug Smoke on the Water Vuvuzela style! Mandy Latimore can tap her feet! I discovered this whilst perched on the wheelchair stand at the Coca Cola dome View Record
2010 May/Jun In remeberance of Buntu Manyana Feel nervous around him; you might meet him in the final! In remembrance of Buntu Manyana View Record
2010 Mar/Apr Brand Ambassadors - the role that they play New Ambassadors! View Record
2010 Jan/Feb Nostradamning Predictions for 2010!! The 2010FIFA World Cup finals in South Africa are rapidly approaching and I tought I'd get in early with Nostradamning predictions! View Record
2009 Nov/Dec Rooivalks, GreatWhites and ElectricTrains! I have had an overdose of bucket list wanna do's becoming reality View Record
2009 Sep/Oct Just a Swimmer in a Rock n Roll Band! I sit with a simple grin on my face and recall my heady days of what was then top flight swimming and ponder what my results may have been had I had the opportunity to compete dressed like a shark. View Record
2009 Jul/Aug What a FA Cup! My experience in attending the 2009 FA Cup at Wembley Stadium in London was something really special and memorable ... View Record
2009 May/Jun The State of play Whether you like it or not, politics do have their place ... View Record
2009 Mar/Apr What does it mean to be a Hall of famer? I attended the induction of the class of 2008 held at Emperors Palace on 24th February 2009 and, having had some time to watch South African rugby legend, Naas Botha's, dream starting to become reality ... View Record
2009 Jan/Feb A Time to Reflect Every year we sit down and say its time to reflect. View Record
2008 Nov/Dec Whose farewell party was it anyway? Beijing is history and London is now clearly on the radar View Record
2008 Sep/Oct The (In)Fallible Mr Scott Well as I alluded to in my last article, I have been to Thailand - Land of the Elephant! The flesh coloured speedo was confiscated but my good wife View Record
2008 Jul/Aug Howzit China? HOWZIT CHINA! An apt greeting in waiting as a very powerful South African Paralympic team prepares to do battle at the View Record