In August 2014, QASA has signed an agreement with SANRAL, which has a delivery window period of four months. QASA has submitted to SANRAL proposals on three categories of exemption that should be considered by SANRAL and will await the outcome of such proposal from several within four months.

The human rights commission brokered this agreement and QASA is during this period, prepared to cooperate with the opportunity for exemption with SANRAL.

QASA has also recently presented to the Gauteng commission of enquiry on the socio-economic effects of E-Tolls on people with disabilities, more specifically people with mobility impairments.

QASA will continue the momentum and the pressure to ensure exemption for people with disabilities through the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP).

Another 2 successes for Driving Ambitions

Rudolph Moleko and Jermina Tshabalala, who had both never driven until they joined the Driving Ambitions program, displayed immense determination and hard work while learning to drive under the dedicated guidance of our Driving Instructor Des Harmse. 

This hard work and determination was rewarded when both Rudolph and Jermina passed their driving tests.  Well done to both of you.

Abusing Disabled Parking bays

Have you seen someone abusing a demarcated wheelchair parking bay?

Please take a photo, including the vehicle registration plate and the parking sign, as evidence and WhatsApp it to 073 853 9675. Please include the location, date and time.