The QuadPara Association of KZN recently hosted a training workshop for members on the subject of peer counselling.

JACQUE LLOYD was the facilitator of this workshop and the objective is to empower quadriplegics and paraplegics to be effective peer counsellors.
QASA invests in the development and capacity building of quadriplegic and paraplegic members.

These successful candidates in this programme will be able to offer peer counselling for newly injured persons with spinal cord injury

Employment Project offers accurate databases

Accurate databases of the skills of people with disabilities are essential to support willing employers.

There are still too few people with disabilities been given access to employment opportunities through the employment equity act in South Africa.  Often, employers state that access to the credentials of job seekers with disabilities is difficult and do not  know where to find potential candidates.

The QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) aims to improve the participation of persons with disabilities by providing them with employment opportunities. In addition, QASA encourages positive changes in the perception and attitudes toward disabilities within the corporate sector. At present QASA’s Employment Project is the driving force to support people with disabilities into the workforce and maximise their opportunity to be identified and placed.

QASA is building an updated and comprehensive database of people with disabilities and their skills in order to give access to employers. QASA believes that by keeping an updated database of people with disabilities and their skills, we will be offering a much-needed service, to the potential employers.

Buckle Up! QASA doesn't want new members

The QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) ran a Road Safety campaign during April with the aim to educate road users on the importance of wearing seatbelts and not using cellphones while driving.

Approximately 35 members of QASA, all of them quadriplegics or paraplegics, had the opportunity to participate in this campaign. Our members were deployed to seven garage sites on the national roads, heading towards popular tourist destinations and managed to get 2864 motorists to sign a pledge that they would wear seatbelts and not use cellphones while driving.  Overall it was a very successful campaign.

This campaign was run in partnership with the Road Accident Fund.