One of the coolest wheelchairs in South Africa is waiting for a new young owner.

Jeff Matthee, a Boksburg based lawyer, was the brain behind a project which promises to turn a lot of heads in future.

Jeff is a member of the Rotary Club Benoni van Ryn, a Rotary branch known for project where they acquire and distribute wheelchairs. He asked his fellow club members to get him an old wheelchair and had a chat with Gold Rand Harley Davidson, who agreed to pimp his old wheelchair. Free of charge!

“One of the workshop guys called Wynand became intrigued by the project and put a lot of time and energy into it,” says Jeff.

The result was a thing of beauty. The chair has Harley footboards, a lovely custom paintjob and even a Harley Davidson exhaust pipe and mirrors! Even the guy who pushes the chair has a Harley Davidson rucksack!

The chair was on show at several events and the legendary disabled motorcycle adventurer David Barr saw it.

“He said he had never heard of anything like this,” says Jeff. “He was incredibly excited. He said he is going back to the States and will investigate the possibility to introduce a similar project there.”

But now Jeff is ready to give the pimped chair away and is looking for the right recipient. “It has to be a young man or woman who likes bikes, particularly Harley Davidsons,” he says.

He does not like the idea of offering the wheelchair as a prize in a competition, because “as soon as we have a competition, there will be losers, and we don’t want to disappoint anyone”.

He is very proud of the chair, but says he did not do everything perfectly. “If I had to do it again, I would start with a brand new chair, not an old one. Newer chairs are much lighter.”

Although this is a very special chair, it is not suitable for daily use. But as a wheelchair for parties and special occasions, this set of wheels will rock!

Some young man or woman will be able to use this chair to draw a lot of attention at social events. If you believe you are that special person, sent an email to us and tell me why you think you should own this chair. But remember, there is only one chair and a lot of people will desire it…

In the meantime, Jeff is thinking of a great extension to his pimped wheelchair project. He wants to get big businesses involved in pimping five wheelchairs.

“We want to arrange an event where we have captains of industry present. It will be wonderful if we can involve five big companies who can each do a chair. These companies can donate their chairs to whoever they want at the end of the project – the idea is to raise money. All proceeds will go to QASA.”