My name is Francois Grobler. I’m a third year NMMU Dip Building student

I’m 21 and have had 4 knee operations. I still need 1 more. I’ve torn my ACL ligaments in both my knees and am currently walking around without an ACL in my right leg. I have for many years complained about my knee problems. Until a family friend and my family members said to me that I can be grateful - there are physically disabled people that aren’t even able to walk.

That’s where my fundraiser event was born. I’m actually a Die Burger Boardwalk Mr PE Semi Finalist and we were given the task to organise a Fundraiser for a charity.

The event in April this year consisted of me pushing a wheelchair with someone in it for 12 hours.

I definitely underestimated the 12 hours and the hills on my route became mountains in the end, but I’m truly glad I finished and was able to support the APD.

I raised a total of R20 096.10 of which R7 700.00 was the money collected on the day of the event and R12 396.10 was raised by corporate company donations. I also chatted to Mr.  & Mrs Smith Labour Law Lawyers and they said they would contribute by giving free legal services.

What an awesome experience it was. It was an eye opener to me to see how the public supported the APD and that they care for physically disabled people. It was truly touching and humbling and made me very emotional.

This wasn’t just an event to me; I feel part of the APD family and proud to be associated with them. I believe it is going to be a long term relationship.