"Having a disabled sibling, it is second nature for me to check whether or not she would be able to visit a resort and take part in the activities offered at the resort", says Madelein Lundie, Managing Director of Heart of Africa Services and Suppliers.

She says she knows from experience that most of the resorts have limited or no disability access when it comes to the swimming pools. Disabled people are unable to get into and out of the pools without being physically picked up and put into the pool.

“We had the same problem at home. This all changed when my father invented a specialized pool ramp/step, which we now call the D’Bility Pool Assist. It is installed in the pool and allows my sister to go for a swim any time she feels like it – unassisted.  This changed her world, as it gives her independence and freedom.“

We decided to have this step patented and market it to as many holiday resorts as we can, as we believe that this would not only assist us as families with disabled people, but this would also mean a huge deal to disabled people that can now also partake in the main amenities offered at resorts.  This would also attract people with disabilities and their families and it would be an exceptional marketing point for the resort itself. 

Madelein says, however, she was surprised to find that most holiday resorts are very resistant to change and very resistant to purchasing products that would assist disabled visitors. The nice thing about the D’Bility Pool Assist is that it is very low on maintenance and does not require any changes to the pool itself.  It has also been specifically designed for wheelchair bound disabilities, where there are often back problems involved.