As part of our Outreach Program QASA donated 2 zoom balls to the Occupation Therapy Unit at the Hillcrest Hospital. As well as being fun to use zoom balls are used to develop bilateral coordination, motor planning skills, shoulder stability and building upper body and core strength. The SCI patients are now having fun while doing their exercise.

QASA trains Bidair Staff at Ortia

It has been four years since we trained any staff at ORTIA – the last training being for the 2010 World Cup, so it was a welcome surprise when BidAir contacted QASA to ask for training for their staff.  We arranged four sessions with a total of 84 attendees. 

The training sessions consist of an intense first hour and a half, which includes an introduction to the work as well as disability, and the various conditions that make up the three sections of people with mobility, hearing and visual impairments. We move onto procedures that the staff have to go through, from curb-side to aircraft and back with much fun and laughter included in the practical role-play, lifting and transfer exercises.

A session where staff is partnered and one blindfolded so that the other has to guide them through various routes, and even makes them trust their guide enough to run, ends off the practical session. The multiple-choice exam ends the training, and those who pass receive a certificate from QASA.