The QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) is introducing development and capacity building for the 10 HWSETA Workplace Experience Grant interns who joined our organisation on 1st March 2014 for a one-year internship.  All the interns are Quadriplegic or Paraplegic members.

Pillendren Chetty is based at the QASA office in Gillitts and is an active intern performing various admin tasks. “PILLENDREN has hit the ground running and has shown tremendous initiative. One of his duties is to run the Secretariat of South African spinal cord Association (SASCA) and this opportunity gives him a lot of insight into the issues of rehabilitation in spinal cord injury” says Ari Seirlis, Chief Executive Officer of QASA.

Joseph Machweu is based at the QuadPara Association of Gauteng South (QAGS) and is currently gathering sensitization information for the Regional Association, as well as assisting with the arrangements for the Annual General Meeting which will be hosted by QAGS.  Joseph is a dependable person who is eager to gather information and grow our Regional Association.” says Engelie Botha, QAGS.

Nokuthula Qwabe is based at the QASA office in Gillitts and enjoys capturing CV’s of members and liaising with members and non-members. “Nokuthula is embracing this internship opportunity and performing meaningful activities. She has also integrated into the independent living facility of Cheshire homes whilst on this internship” says Ari Seirlis, Chief Executive Officer of QASA.

Well done Pillendren, Joseph and Nokuthula. Keep on reaching for the stars.

Look out for the next issue when we introduce another three HWSETA Workplace Experience Grant interns.