Ever felt like cycling through the city streets on a warm spring evening?

Thanks to the Pretoria Critical Mass this is very possible.

This event takes place every first Friday evening of the month and the organisers have extended an invitation to disabled riders and handcyclists to join them.

Rolling Inspiration attended the August event and can report back that this is an excellent opportunity for readers to have fun while exercising.

The event consists of a 15km ride, but it is done at a slow pace with loads of rests built into the course.

The route is reasonably flat, except for a few challenging hills around the Union Buildings. But the view of Pretoria certainly compensates for the sweat to reach the top.

Other stops included one at a popular pub for drinks and several quick stops to allow the back markers to catch up.

The atmosphere is extremely pleasant and the event has a definitive family feel to it. Quite a few of the riders are children on small bikes, and they don’t battle to keep up.

The event also gave me the perfect opportunity to test a new safety vest marketed by Qasa.

The vest has shoulder straps and is secured around the waist with a clip bucle. Simple to operate push buttons enables three modes of lighting in the shoulder and waist straps: static green lights, flashing green lights and green lights flashing briskly.

The vest can be seen from quite a distance.

The vest is supported by the Burry Stander Foundation. “People often complain that they are exposed to motorists when they cycle. But the question remains: What do they do to ensure their safety? If you wear this vest, you have gone as far as humanly possible to make sure you are visible,” says Ari Sierlis, CEO of Qasa.

I have found the vest to be extremely comfortable, light and it does a lot to make you feel safer.

It is not only suited for cycling. It can also be used when you walk the dog, jog or change a tyre next to the road.

The batteries last and last and last – I have heard claims of up to six days. And for extra peace of mind, the vest is shipped with a set of spare batteries.

The security vest sells for R400 and can be ordered from Qasa.

My experience is that the vest is a bargain at this price. I will definitely buy one for my running son. If there are stock left after the public realises how valuable this little safety tool can be.