Boeta was found in a storm pipe at age two and lives with spinal bifida. This has unfortunately, denied him his right to education - until he became involved with the Chaeli Campaign team.

Hannele Steyn, Debbie Gallop and I decided to ride the Cape Argus and help make a little boy’s dream come true. This entailed me pulling and Hannele pushing a buggy, with eleven year old Boeta inside.

We thought we were ready, until we felt that wind howling. Hannele says: “I immediately started to complain. But when I met Boeta and all the other disabled people on race day, I was so humbled that the wind became a breeze of joy. There were people in buggies, on hand cycles, all of them excited to start the race.”

The first bend was an eye opener and we worried if we were ready to tackle it. However, the sound of Boeta’s voice urging us on was all the motivation we needed to conquer this and any other obstacles along the ride. He was in his element and you could not wipe the smile off his face, giving thumbs up to the passing riders shouting their words of encouragement. “The support we received was awesome throughout the race, ” says Debbie.

It was only in the last 100m that it dawned on me that we had done it. All the fears and all the hurt were forgotten and the overwhelming sense and feeling of true purpose took over.

Team Boeta crossed the finish line with an overall time of 5 hours and 20 minutes.