The Adaptive Sports Fund (ASF) recently held an adaptive wakeboarding day at Stoke City Wake Park and the day was a complete success to say the least. Not only were we met with the most perfect conditions on arrival at the park - sunny clear blue skies - but also to a very enthusiastic group of wake boarders who were extremely keen to get going with the day’s event. Of course some participants showed their apprehensiveness and there were even a few nervous laughs here and there while waiting for others to arrive. However, it didn’t take long for those feelings of nervousness and apprehension to be replaced with a sense of joy and pride as each of our wakeboarders took their turn to conquer the wakeboard.

We had an impressive turn out on the day, with over 40 people joining in and supporting the ASF’s first ever Adaptive wakeboarding day - with a total of nine daring and enthusiastic mobility impaired participants whom by the comments shared, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was rewarding to see all those who attempted the wakeboarding successfully conquer it and who very rightly so were grinning from ear to ear by the end of the day. All our participants proved that anything is possible and nothing is impossible, they showed great determination and refused to let life’s difficulties get them down. You are all an inspiration. It was a very proud moment for ASF when a number of the participants expressed that they enjoyed the event so much that they couldn’t wait to give it a try again; ASF had accomplished what we had set out to do.

What the Adaptive Sports Fund is all about.

The Adaptive Sports Fund (ASF’s) main objective is to raise funds that will allow ASF to purchase the necessary adaptive sports and recreational equipment needed for people with mobility impairment. We believe that having adaptive sporting equipment easily available will allow people with mobility impairment the chance to experience the true satisfaction that all sport has to offer. ASF believes that participation in sport is not only essential because it increases a person’s physical fitness and strength but it also builds confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, using social media platforms, ASF hopes to inspire and motivate others to get involved in various adaptive sports. Whether it be wake-boarding, skiing, scuba diving, para-gliding or off-road hand cycling; we are continuously driven in creating much needed awareness for people with disabilities.

What we have planned.

ASF have aligned ourselves with some incredibly inspiring athletes and well established foundations. We look forward to building stronger relationships, collaborating and growing the Adaptive Sports Fund. We are planning a bunch of exciting activities from adaptive paragliding and gliding to adaptive kayaking and off-road hand cycling. The most exciting project yet which is near completion is adaptive Go-karting. ASF has been working very closely with Graeme from 4StrokeWorkshops that has completely funded and sponsored this project. ASF will be entering a team into a social but yet very competitive 8 race series where people with mobility impairment can on a rotational basis push themselves on the racetrack.

Our sponsors.

A massive shout out to our sponsors! Red Bull, Liquid Access water-skis, Rescue One Equipment, Wiele500, Golden Oldies, Liquid Force and Stoke City, none of this would have been possible without your support.

No Limits. Just Life.