Geberit know-how shared with Devland Community Education Campus in Soweto

With over 2.5 million people living in Devland, a suburb in Soweto, a profound need was identified to build a self-sustaining community centre. This vision became reality in 2014 with the project breaking ground. The Devland Community Education Campus in Soweto is projected to be completed in Q4 2015.

Geberit Southern African, after being approached by Growing UP Africa, the trailblazers behind the project, jumped at the opportunity to actively contribute to the local community. “The project offers so much of what Geberit represents: green building, enriching the community with knowledge (Know-How), giving back to the less fortunate people of the community and being passionate in all that we do,” enthuses Izaan Nel from Geberit Southern Africa. “It’s an ideal centre to showcase all the working systems from the Geberit range – starting from where the water comes from, to flushing the toilet cistern, to where the flushed water drains away to.  Furthermore, we rose to the challenge and managed to include our Pluvia syphonic rainwater drainage system.”

Geberit’s contribution to date includes all the technical water reticulation drawings for the Architect and Project Team, the supply of the Geberit HDPE piping for sewer drainage, Pluvia for roof drainage, the Mepla piping system for the water supply, plus all the concealed cisterns and flush actuator plates for all the toilets.

Key to Geberit’s core philosophy is education and transferring of knowledge and with this project, Geberit have the ideal opportunity to share their know-how with the community plumbers, working on the construction of the Devland Community Education Campus in Soweto.

Geberit around the globe, are intent on making a sustainable contribution to improving quality of life and in so doing, embark on various social projects to help people in developing regions to have better basic sanitary services - a fundamental resource.

Geberit, as a pioneer and world leader, is well known for its water-saving, advanced plumbing and sanitary technologies. Founded in 1874, Geberit has built a reputation for sustainability, innovation, quality and reliability.