The South African Freshwater Bank Angling Federation organised a successful social fishing competition for anglers with disabilities in February at Slaughter on Vaal.

Unfortunately not every one of the 20 anglers who participated could land a fish, but everybody enjoyed the day. The top performers were:

Angler                 Fish        Weight            Angling point

R Breed               33            8.664             416.64

W McDonald         15            14.875          298.75

M Muller              14            11.156          251.56

The organiser, Riaan Bornman, said they plan to get more mobility impaired anglers involved, particularly women and juniors. They plan to establish formal angling for fishermen with disabilities as a competitive division in the sport. To achieve this, they plan to:

Develop a set of rules for anglers with disabilities.

The development of communication channels between anglers.

An annual calendar for all official activities.

Recruiting of young anglers, particularly at schools for children with disabilities, to get junior anglers involved at a young age.

Participation will take place on club level in 2015/16, but competition on provincial level will begin in the 2016/17 season.

Planning will begin for trials to select a team for the Angling Festival. This will probably be late next year or early 2017.

Establish a Mtch Division. This will pave the way to make National colours possible for anglers with disabilities.