The following has been brought to the notice of the publishers of Rolling Inspiration:

The directors of Radical Holdings (Pty) Limited t/a Radical Mobility wish to make the following statement regarding the article that appeared and was written by Caroline Rule in the Rolling Inspiration Magazine of November/December 2010 entitled: Power All Terrain Wheelchairs, which appeared onpages 32, 34 and 36. Particular reference is made to the comments appearing next to the Predator 4x4 at the bottom of page 32, and we quote: "At half the price of the X8, the Predator is an affordable imitation. Do not expect the same performance, finesse or reliability, but we were suitably impressed with the performance that it offers at the price. The four-wheel drive moved us over many obstacles in relative ease and comfort. Available with power Tilt-inspace, reclining backrest and seat elevation with chin, hand and foot control. Comfort or canvas seating, electronics are imported (stock is kept) but the rest of the chair is locally designed and manufactured so customisations, spares, service and upgrades are on-hand." Radical Mobility states that: The above comments are untrue! The Predator4x4 came into being 5 years before the X8, and then already had seat elevation as a function as opposed to the Extreme 4x4 that we "supposedly" imitated. Since inception 5 years ago, the Predator has been enhanced both functionally and cosmetically.

The Extreme 4x4 and X8 uses the patented Passive Steering; "The steering arrangement requires at least one of the front or rear wheels tobe castor mounted ... "quoted from their US & AU patent 5,482,125, freely available on the internet, it is based on Ackerman steering patented in 1834 that most vehicles use." The Predator 4x4 uses in-line rotational steering, a totally new design! The only thing the Predator 4x4 has in common with Mobility One's X8wheelchair is that the electronics are bought from the same company and both of them are true 4x4s; further they have absolutely nothing in common. "The statement author makes about the Predator 4x4 being DESIGNED and manufactured locally is in fact true, with a few more uniquely designedsteering solutions and models in the pipeline for the year 2011!"

The publishers and the author of the above mentioned article apologise for the incorrect information printed in the mentioned edition and regret any inconvenience caused to Radical Mobility.