It has been 21 years since the last confirmed case of Polio in South Africa but the vaccines came too late for Madoda Jela and his wife, Phelisa, who both contracted the illness in their early childhood years. Despite their reliance on walking aids the couple are determined to carve a bright future for themselves in our beautiful fledgling democracy.

Intent on being his own boss Madoda left the secure world of banking and joined the ever-increasing number of self-employed South African entrepreneurs. With a VW Golf Hatchback and a Toyota Yaris (Sedan) Madoda is running a point-to-point taxi service in Jo’burg and the surrounding suburbs and, he assured me, wheelchairs do fit into the boot of his Golf! Madoda is also in the process of procuring a minibus taxi. A number of companies have committed themselves to using him to ferry their staff once he gets his minibus. In the meantime he provides a smaller and more intimate service to a growing number of dedicated clients. Phelisa will be joining him as soon as budgets allow.

Madoda was lucky when he set up his business. His brother runs his own transport company and was able to advise him on the legal requirements and assist him with the paperwork.

Anyone who starts a closed corporation has to register the name and submit registration forms at CIPRO in Sunnyside, Pretoria. When Madoda went to register Masivundle Transport Services at CIPRO he found the queues to be extremely long, no special counter for people with disabilities and nowhere for him to sit.

Madoda went to a professional company for his business cards, letterheads, car decals and website. They provided a high quality product but it did cost an arm and a leg. I am sure there are a number of other “virtual personal assistants” that could do the same quality job at a lower price. If you just need paper products consider going to your local Postnet and you will probably go home with some change in your pocket!