It seems Father Xmas has hooked up with cupid with everyone getting engaged, including Phil Case to Wendy Graaf and Dr Cival Mills to Tanya Roskilly. Cival shared their love story with us.

"My name is Cival Mills. I used be medical doctor but at the moment I am an author, artist, designer and motivational speaker suffering from Locked in Syndrome, described in medical text books as a catastrophic condition with a devastating loss of function. I am one of those rare cases in that I can use my left hand, but my left hand only. On 30th December a beautiful lady, Tanya Roskilly, accepted my wedding proposal!

Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought that such a beauty would even look in my direction; except to stare at my huge yellow wheelchair. The Good Lord sent me one of his angels. (I'm sure she tucks her wings into her shirt and the halo I am sure is hidden away in her handbag. I suppose that is what angels do with their 'extras' to hide them away from us mere mortals.)

Last year I went, alone, to our farm near Mossel Bay to get a grip on my loneliness and despair. I needed a haircut and ended up in Hartenbos. The stylist asked me how I would like it. I typed on my voice output 'talker' (I cannot talk): Any style, as long as I do not turn into a Hitler lookalike. We had a chuckle and she noticed that there was a living man inside an unmovable body in a huge yellow wheelchair. We had a great conversation while she was cutting my hair; we clicked.After the chopping session she asked if I had my books in my car. I did. Then I realized that I had no money on me; my wallet was on the farm! I wanted to give her the book but now I couldn't; she deducted the amount for the haircut, gave me the rest of the money and I left. She asked me to autograph the book and to add: To Tanya (her daughter). Little did I know!!! She also asked for my contact details. I explained I had very little time as I was very busy writing speeches. I type slow and with great effort; it takes forever to keep up with sms' and e-mails. 

The next day I received an email asking me whether I looked like Hitler. My reply? No. Thank heavens she did not stop there (she did consider my response arrogant and uninterested). She persisted and my replies gradually became less 'abrupt' (her description!). We became active mail buddies. Time passed and I returned to the farm but she stopped mailing. I thought: OK. Odd. But OK. I should have known and expected it to happen; the same old story all over again! Then she emailed explaining that she had problems with her pc. I mailed back, calling her 'mouse' and invited her to visit me later that day, my last day on the farm. Her office was about 45 minutes away.

A friend came to visit and we were in the garden when a car pulled up and a goddess climbed out. I never realized I was mailing such a beauty! We chatted like old friends. She left shortly after 10pm with a promise to visit me in Pretoria. She was at the airport the next morning to spend another couple of minutes with me. She visited me the next weekend, and the one after, and a couple of weekends thereafter. It was ruining us financially and I convinced her to move to Pretoria.

I popped the big question at the farm with a bunch of veldblommetjies under my right arm and the ring in my shirt pocket. It was misty, raining and very cold, but - she said: YES!"