In November 2010 Dries Millard and Glenn Ward rode their wheelchairs from Saldanha to Cape Town to raise awareness amongst the public for people with disabilities. The two twenty year-olds suffered spinal cord injuries during their matric years in 2008, Dries in a car accident and Glenn on a motorbike.

They covered the distance between Saldanha and Cape Town in 5 days, leaving Saldanha 29 November and arriving at the Parliament Buildings in Cape Town on 3 December, National Disability Awareness Day, where a list of grievances and problems faced by the disabled communities of the Saldanha/ Vredenburg region were handed to the Minister.

The objectives of this mammoth 160km trek were: to salute and praise people with disabilities who manage to remain positive and live full and independent lives; to raise public awareness of people with disabilities and change stereotyped perception of disabled persons as being less capable and to raise funds for the establishment of a sports centre for disabled people of the Saldanha/ Vredenberg district which is estimated at about R3 million. Both men play for the Twisters Wheelchair Basketball and the team is desperately in need of a home base.