Beverley-Ann Frosler was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001. She was coping quite well and then ...I was stopping my car in the street at home. As I disembarked, I got the urge to "let out some liquid". It was only eight paces to my door, but it was eight steps too far. Despite all my efforts to knyp it just appeared unannounced. I handled this quite well, as there was no one around. So I could deal with it quite comfortably.

The bowels were a different case all together. My family and I were on our way toCape Town from Port Elizabeth in 2007. I had a few cramps that went away just as quick as they came. But the next minute I screamed at my hubby that I needed a loo. Fortunately we were at the Albertina turnoff. He turned but soooorrrryyyy for him. It was too late. I soiled myself before I could get out the car. Well, our pit stop was a wee bit longer. After cleaning myself up,wrapping my panties up and chucking them away, I settled back in the car.

The tears came rolling down. It was the first time it had happened to me, and also the first time I realised how serious my MS was. There was pin-dropping silence in the car. And then ... laughter hit the roof when I labelled this incident as my "kak storie." It happened again half-an-hour later and it was the biggest joke, as we were then on the National road.

It happened again in 2010 near Franshoek and here at home, just because someone else took a wee bit to long to get out of the loo. I now listen to my body and, if there are cramps, I sort it out immediately.

It's slike servicing a car. Before going anywhere, empty the water tank - and checkfor any leaks, on a regular basis. As for the bowels, is there anyone who could invent a contraption to take smell away?!