I had an urostomy operation on the 12th August1987 when I was 12 yrs old due to spina bifida.

The most difficult part of my life was when I was at secondary school. It would block and force me out of school for one week a month so I had to give up my academic education in 1992.

By 1994 I was old enough to take of myself and had some knowledge to manage my disability and urostomy. The good thing whenyou are disabled with a urostomy - your life is easy - you can manage yourself. I can keep myself dry and I'm able to do what every I like.

From 2006 to 2008 it was very difficult. The health system went down due to economical and political problems my country was facing. I did not know where I could get my urostomy bags supplies. An organisation in the US helped a lot. I could have died during those two yearsof hell.

I change my urostomy bag once every seven days.I clean it with vinegar before I wear the new bag. I use vinegar on my urostomy. I put 15mins to avoid breeding and kill germs. I also clean my skin around my urostomy. To clean my skin I use UNI-SOLVE adhesive wipe. I squeeze gently so fluid flowsbetween my skin and the adhesive.

My sporting is on and off sometimes - due to lack of sponsorship - but I want to thank Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) for giving me the racing chair I use and also thank the OCC for inviting me toparticipate for the past seven years.

My aim in life is to keep on racing and have the information to help others with disabilities in my country.