Grant Hutton took part in the Argus Cycle Tour this year, 109 kms around the Cape Peninsula. He had done it once before - with one big difference - the first time he pedalled with his legs, this time he used his arms.

Overa ten-year period Grant underwent multiple spinal fusions causing him to walk with crutches and a huge amount of pain. For the active, sport-loving guy exercise was out of the question.

Last year pressure on his spinal cord from scar tissue was causing even more problems and the pain was unbearable. Surgery was unavoidable but the doctors could not guarantee the outcome. He became a paraplegic - but the pain reduced significantly!

He joined a local gym where he discovered hand-cycling, bought a slightly geriatric, second-hand hand-cycle, had it adapted and adjusted and eyed out the Argus.

Argus Day was perfect-  cool, slightly overcast and almost no wind. But after 85kms of cycling, an elderly bike - and insufficient training - saw Grant reach the bottom of Chapman's Peak just before the cut off. Race officials felt that he was struggling and would not allow him to continue-  with just 25kms to go!

It hasn't dampened his spirits!! "I spent most of the next day resting but was back in the saddle the day after that and I'm determined to enter again next year, not only to finish but to finish well. I am a true competitive spirit and I may be paralysed but I have perseverance in bucket loads! Look out Argus Cycle Tour 2012 - Here I come!!"