By now I am sure you are asking: If self-esteem is a deep-seated belief that I am valuable and worthwhile, then how do I cultivate this belief?

You have manythoughts about yourself playing like CD tracks in your head. Some are true andsome are not. They come from parents, teachers, peers, bosses, siblings, themedia etc. The way you were communicated with as a child also has an enormousimpact on your opinion of your own value and worth. Often these thoughts becomeyour reality but much of it may be negative and not serving you well.

Step One: Take responsibility for the content of your CD

You need to realise the importance of takingresponsibility for these thoughts. You need to choose to take responsibility for the tracks thatplay in your head. You may want to record over some of them. Write down a listof your current song titles – both positive and negative.

Step Two: Identify the tracks that should beplaying

This is an exercise in self-awareness. Write down thenames of the tracks you want on your CD, in other words, write down positiveinformation about yourself. What do you know to be true about you? What kind ofinformation would you like to be constantly reminded of? Over time you willkeep adding new tracks and new positive information about yourself to your CD.

Step Three: Commitment and repetition

Progress takes commitment and repetition. It is yourresponsibility firstly, to commit to recording these new tracks and, secondly, to create opportunities for repetition. This means that you should keep yoursong titles (positive information) about yourself in an easily accessible placeand read through it often. Continue adding to the lyrics, consciouslyacknowledging experiences in your day-to-day life that support and highlightyour new tracks.