My mother always made us brush teeth and go to the loo before going out. I have a low level(L4) spina bifida which means I am quite mobile but, down under, I am dead. I started intermittent self-catherisation in the 80's under the guidance of a wonderful urologist, Dr. Mickey Cohen, a pioneer in bladder care for people with spinal lesions. This meant the end to overflow incontinence and it was such a pleasure to remain dry and have a dramatic decrease in the number of urinary tract infections.

The fact that I can still walk with crutches, and stand a bit, helps to move used food along so I can get away with yoghurt and oat bran to have daily bowel movements. My bowels can still be unpredictable so I keep a spill kit at hand. This includes: toiletries (part of my cathkit), a change of underwear and a zip-lock bag. The toiletries include: wet wipes, a wash cloth, soap, a small towel, body lotion to give the bum a nice rub (sitting area), a pair of gloves (or equal parts of surgical spirits and glycerine to disinfect hands) and wet wipes. Those striped blue bathroom / kitchen wipes are good.

There is a thick one called super wipes. As these are big they can be cut in half to save money. Clicks also sell toilet-seat wipes that come in handy. I have a plastic bag for stuff that cannot be flushed and needs to be discarded and a ziplock bag for the stuff I want to keep. Sunlight liquid, or bar, is pretty good at removing stains. It is a bummer (!!) if there is no cubicle with a hand basin to clean up at, as this means driving home with a brownie in the pants!