A few months ago Donovan Fritz was referred to us for prosthetic treatment. At the age of eight he was involved in a bus accident that led to the amputation of his left leg below the knee. The young man is now 19 so he is no stranger to prosthetic devices. At our practice every patient gets a nickname - a rehab name. Sometimes the patient picks their own name and sometimes we do it for them. Elvis (looking at his photo you will see why) had one big problem. No prosthetic foot lasted under his energetic 92kg body. He kept on breaking them like match sticks, one after the other, and as you can imagine, this became a problem for the people paying his bills. Now, I do not want to carry on about good practice and the fact that prosthetists should communicate with each other, but - and all practitioners: please sit up and take notice - especially if you think you know how to build high performance limbs. By communicating with the patient's previous practitioners we were able to get a clear picture of what had been tried before and why it had not worked. In other words: what prosthetic feet Elvis had broken in the past! Our informed decision was to put him onto a Vari Flex Low Profile Flex foot. I have never had a Vari Flex foot break under a patient and, Rand for Rand, they must be one of the best products available. Even so, we chose the low profile over the standard Vari Flex because of its construction. By looking at the pictures of the two different feet you will see that the pyramid of the Low Profile flows directly onto the forefoot blades where the standard Vari Flex has an extra loop in the carbon before flowing into the forefoot. Elvis likes to break this extra loop!

We also ordered him a foot rated for 160kg. With his activity levels he hardly felt a difference with the higher category foot. We are sure that we have solved his problem and we are very excited to see how long this foot will last under "The King!"