Self-esteem is the experience of being capable of managing life's challenges and feeling worthy of happiness. - National Council for Self-esteem

Do you see the value of living withself-esteem? Would you like to know how to master the building of self-esteem? There are two tools that will enable you to build and maintain self-esteem. Oneis the strengths tool and the other is the love tool.

Answer yes or no to the statements below to gain abetter understanding of your belief in your own level of ability.

  • I can identify options
  • I can meet my goals
  • I can solve problems
  • I can make decisions
  • I can achieve the success I dream of

I can demonstrate initiative

Belief in your own ability is not about comparing yourself to others or competing with others. When you are able you take responsibility for yourself. You do not view yourself as a victim, a pawn, unlucky, or out ofcontrol. You do not blame others.

The strengths tool

The strengths tool is for "celebrating your own strengths and ability." Create an image of a brick wall with separate bricks -either on your computer or on paper. This is your own brick wall! Now record your personal strengths, talents, positive personality traits, attributes and qualities - place one in each brick. You may find this difficult! We live in a highly critical world and we need to give ourselves permission to acknowledge our strengths and to record them. You are now consciously observing strengths in yourself. Over time, you should continue to add other strengths that you identify to your brick wall. When you receive positive feedback from others, add this information too.