Wheelchair friendly. Really?

I have been in a wheelchair basically my whole life. I think there's a problem when disabled people aren't considered as vital in determining whetherna building is accessible. They should ask us because we have first-hand experience of how inaccessible some places are.

I remember the Waterfront. It was a sunny day without wind (one of few in Cape Town). There's a lift thing that goes over the stairs to the bridge. â"Cool,we don't have to go all the way around!" Then we realised that thisa ccessibility-creating-machine didn't have a platform. Helpful? Boo!

We were at a bank in town once, really early (six o' clock early), so we weren't happy. It had a lift so we were happy. Then we saw it. It was 1m X 1½mand it's one of those really old, dodgy lifts. We started laughing because there were five of us, plus my wheelchair, needing to fit in this lift, and wheelchairs aren't small. We eventually got in, immensely uncomfortably. Getting into a lift I ask whoever's listening "Please, don't let this lift get stuckâ." What happens? The lift gets stuck. Now you have five young girls, one with claustrophobia, in a really old lift without an emergency button. Awesome! We were stuck in there for 30 minutes. I don't think thatâ's a good example of accessibility.

We daren't get upset about all inaccessibility, because then we'd be continuously miserable. Sometimes you need to be upset but most of the time it's important to see the funny side. We'd be a lot happier.

Just saying - Chaeli Mycroft

Supersport Bar - Carnival City

The Webb Ellis Rugby World Cup is due forkick-off in less than a month's time, and with South Africa as the reigningWorld Cup champions the country will be in a rugby frenzy.

Personally I'm not a rugby fan, my friends are die-hard rugby fans and one thing I know for sure is that they going to use this opportunity to have as much fun as the country can contain while getting behind the boys. I refuse to be left behind, I want to experience it full-on and one place to do that is at the Supersport Bar at Carnival City in Brakpan.

The place has super large screens all around and has a relaxed yet fun atmosphere which anyone can enjoy, sports fanor not. My friends have grown accustomed scouting out every place I go to; to make sure my needs as a wheelchair user will be met. This Sports Bar does just because they have a ramp for every area that has steps, which makes easy for wheelchair users to also access all corners of the bar. (I hate being flicked around in my wheelchair even if it's just 2 or three steps).

One thing I do not comprise or negotiate on (no matter how happening a place is);is a wheelchair accessible toilet, which this bar has; they also have tables that are low enough for a wheelchair user, instead of those high bar areas which are a nightmare for a wheelchair user.

A couple things that I really love about this place is that when all the respective matches finish, they have a DJ who keeps people dancing till the morning; they also have friendly staff; and they serve a large variety of food platters and virgin cocktails for those who don't drink, because it's not nice watching friends drink all sorts of rainbow coloured drinks, while you're only restricted to soft drinks simply because you don't take alcohol.

I don't know about y'all, but I know for a fact that I want to have as much fun as possible watching South Africa bring the Cup back here, where it belongs. Who knows I might even grow to love the game of Rugby.

Good Luck Bokke..