Know Thy Self

Those with little self-knowledge often take the opinions of others as law and allow them to become their reality.

Self-knowledge enables you to be discerning. Knowing your competencies (last issue) enables you to evaluate opinions, comments and feedback from others. You can decide whether information is correct, valuable and serves you or is undermining and unhelpful. You have the power to accept or discard input from others.

As you become more comfortable acknowledging your strengths, you should be able to acknowledge and communicate the positive in others. You can live in the world as a competent person with an attitude of possibility.

You have recorded your qualities, how do you feel? Would you like to spend time with a person with similar qualities, or perhaps even make him or her a friend?

Personality traits which apply to me

Accepting, achieving, active, adventurous, affectionate, ambitious, articulate, assertive, attractive, caring, charismatic, charming, cheerful, committed, compassionate, confident, conscientious, considerate, co-operative, creative, dedicated, dependable, determined, disciplined, dynamic, efficient, empathetic, encouraging, energetic, enterprising, entertaining, enthusiastic, expressive, fair-minded, friendly, gentle, genuine, good-natured, graceful, happy, helpful, humorous, imaginative, independent, insightful, intelligent, intuitive, knowledgeable, likeable, logical, objective, open-minded, optimistic, organised, orderly, original, outgoing, patient, perceptive, persistent, persuasive, precise, productive, professional, quick, rational, realistic, reassuring,receptive, responsive, self-aware, self-confident, sensitive, serious, sincere, skilful, sociable, spontaneous, steady, stimulating, strong, sympathetic, talented, thoughtful, tolerant, trusting, truthful, unique, vigorous, warm.