We are excited to announce the start of our new education column which focuses on supporting children and students with a range of physical disabilities, their parents, teachers, lecturers, care givers and therapists. It will be hosted by Emma McKinney of Disability Included, a disability education and employmentspecialist who is a mother and is married to a quadriplegic. Emma has a B.Edand M.Ed in Specialised Ed, is completing her PhD, on Barriers toEmployment, and lectures on Inclusive Education to teacher training students at UCT and CPUT.  With her extensive training she is well situated to provide practical information on how to accommodate our children in classrooms and schools(special and mainstream schools), and students in lecture venues and on campus.

Topics include:

  • Unpacking the Department ofEducations Education White Paper 6: Building an Inclusive Education andTraining System (2001)
  • Classroom adaptations and layout adaptations
  • School, playground and environment /physical adaptations
  • Assistive devices in the classroom(high and low tech)
  • Sporting and recreation accommodations
  • Disability sensitisation andspecific training for teachers, classroom assistants, lecturers, therapists andstaff
  • Feeding and toileting
  • Overcoming stigmas
  • The roles of facilitators and classroom assistants
  • Examination accommodations and alternative forms of assessment
  • Bridging school and Higher Education
  • How to access disability specific bursaries and scholarships
  • Roles of Full Service Schools; Special schools as Resource Centres; and Higher Education Institutions
  • Teaching strategies and modifications
  • How to reinforce what is done in the classroom at home