I've been at Reddam for a term-and-a-bit now. It's still awesome. The biggest thing that is happening at school right now that's sucking up all energy is exams. The Matrics started writing in September, or somewhere around there. All of us (the grade 11's) had such chilled vibes about exams because they were only in November.

Well, it's November, and all the chilled vibes have been replaced with epic stress vibes. Adults would say that we waited too long-  we say that we were having a goodtime. But, you know, opinions differ.

The thing that most of us are stressing about is the fact that grade 11 final exams are the exams that count for university entrance if you want to be provisionally accepted. I think it's a pretty legitimate reason for stress. Don't you?

So, we have started writing, and it's a pretty hectic schedule we have been given. We have to learn how to deal with this kind of stress. It's not like we are ever going to get away from stress, you may as well work with it.

We have found some awesome stress relief methods. If you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed, you could just start crying out of the blue -  this helps in the moment but doesn't really make you feel any less stressed. Another thing that we've found helps with stress is random outbursts of hysterical laughter. Point to consider though, is that you need to try to co-ordinate your outbursts with those of one of your buddies. This helps people to realise that you are not alone lunatic but one in a group of lunatics. It's a lot more fun that way.

Some things that are crucial to remember when under stress. Try not to drink anything in large quantities - if you must drink something, drink coffee, at least it's warm, especially in a Cape Town November, and it keeps you awake. This is agood thing when we're writing three-hour papers.

Here's my advice: if you're stressing, go with it. Don't let it snow you under.

Just saying