Western Cape

Rolling+ uses trained Peer Supporters to roll out community-based HIV/AIDS education and support programmes in South Africa. The Rolling+ Training Team selects the most promising candidates, from Advanced Skills workshops, to form an A-Team in each province.Western Cape A-Team members Allen Gordon, Cleone Melnichenko, Gavin Maggott and Sherwin Gerwell share their thoughts with us.

"There is a huge need for training in the disability sector. Participants are eager to participate and willing to learn. Each person's ability to grasp information differs; therefore, recapping on a regular basis ensures that participants understand the contentand subject material. Video material changes the tone of the presentation andkeeps participants focused.

Working in groups gets everybody participating. The presentation and Q & A session allows the facilitator togauge the level of understanding. Group work allows those who cannot actively participate to be assisted by those who can.

Questions are encouraged. Although many have heard of HIV/AIDS they never had the opportunity to speak frankly and openly about it, especially the sexual aspect of the transmission of the HI-Virus.

Training is a constructive team-building exercise as Learners learn about each, their experiences and share their stories of how they overcame difficulties and grew stronger. There have been many requests for the next level of training as they would like to make a differenc ein their communities and become active members of society. We look forward toan awesome 2012."