Disability Workshop Development Enterprise

Disability Workshop Development Enterprise (DWDE) is a NGO based in the Western Cape focusing on economic empowerment of persons with disabilities through employment opportunities and entrepreneurship. The organisation works with people across all disabilitiesand ages. DWDE has three main focus areas: 1) protective workshops, 2) career guidance and 3) business development.

DWDEs work with protective workshops focuses on organisational and management development as well as assisting the workshops with product development and marketing. 45 protective workshops operate in the Western Cape Province. DWDE works intensively with a number of Self-Help groups with workshops initiated and managed by persons with disabilities.

The main focus within the career guidance is on youth with disabilities through the programme "Careers for Youth with Disabilities in South Africa" (CYDiSA). The programme focuses on preparing young people for the open labour market and how to access jobs. This is done through individual guidance, CV and interview trainings, ICT training, workplace behaviour workshops etc. At the same time DWDE engage with employers to facilitate opportunities for the candidates and offer recruitment services to companies.

The business development focus is both forexisting entrepreneurs and people who have a business plan and wants to get their business off the ground. DWDE works closely with companies and business development service providers to assist entrepreneurs with disabilities.