Take some time to write down the qualities that are important to you in a loving relationship. Now list at least six ways in which you are going to have a loving relationship, on a consistent basis, with yourself!

You need to make the decision that you will be responsible for consciously filling yourself, the glass that represents you, every day. This involves treating yourself in the same way as you would treat someone whom you love dearly - making use of these six identified qualities - on a daily basis.

For example, today I showed myself respect by making a decision and sticking to it, even when someone tried to persuade me to change my mind. I set a goal for today and I trust that I will do what it requires to achieve it. And so I begin to fill my glass.

The image of filling a glass with water until it is overflowing is a vivid one. When your glass is full then you are able to love others. The belief is that when you trust yourself, you can trust others. When you respect yourself, you can respect others and so on.

Now the challenge is to start to fill your glass by making conscious daily decisions to treat yourself as a person who is worthy of love and a person who is special and unique.