Friendly Banana & Caramel Fridge Tart:

To be enjoyed with your family and friends and a lovely cup of your favourite tea!


  • 1 tin caramel
  • 250 ml fresh cream (chilled)
  • Bananas (about 3-4 big ones) - preferably a bit green
  • 1 pack Marie Biscuits


  1. Whip caramel with spoon or fork to make it smooth.
  2. Whip fresh cream in a separate bowl until almost stiff.
  3. Spoon the caramel into the fresh cream and mix with a spoon.
  4. Place a layer of Marie Biscuits in a serving bowl.
  5. Pour caramel mixture over.
  6. Slice bananas on top.
  7. 2nd layer = more Marie Biscuits, caramel mixture and sliced bananas.
  8. 3rd layer = Marie Biscuits and caramel mixture (no banana).
  9. Crumble some Marie Biscuits over the caramel top.
  10. Leave in fridge overnight for the biscuits to get soft.

Passionately Yours

I'm a passionate woman. I'm passionate about life, my family and friends and good food! I'm also passionate about what I want in my life. As a wheelchair user I am frustrated by my inability to access buildings that are not wheelchair-friendly but what about the lack of access to information? So I joined an organisation, paid my yearly fee, and now receive only a newsletter or two, with an e-mail now and then about jobs for persons with disabilities.

So where does accessibility actually start?

We live in a society where walking legs are the norm and wheelchair users must always take the backseat. BUT this girl refuses! If I can't be the driver, the least I want is the passenger seat! As a disabled person, I want to be informed, in order to be involved and contribute to society, but disability conferences are so expensive and hobbies like wheelchair dancing and sports such as wheelchair basketball are not easy to find.

Getting to work is a challenge - if it weren't for my husband and son taking turns to drop me in the morning, it would be impossible. Ask me "why?" Because I cannot use public transport and our Dial-a-Ride service cannot accommodate me at 07h30 in the morning. CapeTown's MyCiti programme in Atlantis will only be fully functional in 2013. In the mean time Cape Town is offering no solution to enable me to get to and from work, and go on excursions like able-bodied people can. When I do get to the Cape Town CBD most of the sidewalks are packed with hawkers and vendors - making it impossible for wheelchairs to use the sidewalk.

Can one toyi-toyi in a wheelchair?

Let's demand a policy that only universally accessible projects get approved by Town Planners! And let's demand that the stakeholders, who were put in place to represent the disability sector, come to ground level and engage with us. Cape Town claims "This City Works For You." Well it's time for it to work for everyone, including disabled voters!

We need workshops IN OURCOMMUNITIES, informing us of what is happening and providing a platform for us to voice our opinions and be part of the solutions.

I will not let inaccessibility rob me of my womanhood. My nails will always be done, even if they have to rearrange the furniture in the nail salon, the hairdresser makes house calls and my beautician is just a phone call away! If only all clothing stores followed the example of Woolworths at the V&A Waterfront, with large, wheelchair-friendly dressing rooms! Thanks Woolworths!

Please excuse me, I'm off to go mall-hopping, stroll along Eden on the Bay in Blouberg and not let a lack of universal access get the better of this girl!


Whilma Liedeman is a tetraplegic wheelchair user living in Atlantis, a peri-urban town outside of Cape Town on the West Coast. She's passionate about recipe books, shopping, fine dining, Facebook and Angry Birds!