SMARTBoards enrich learning time and, through the donation of 26 of these high tech teaching aids to schools for learners with disabilities, DionWired is changing lives.

At the handover of six SMART Boards at the Hope School in Westcliff, JHB, DionWired CSI Practitioner, Iris Naidoo, said, "The area where technology has the most impact is education. We are honoured to play a role in helping these children reach their full potential and gain the good educations that they need to take their place in the world."

Two SMART Boards went to the Hope School, two to the Con Amore School, Kempton Park and two to the Forest Town School. Each SMART Board is valued at R50 000.

SMARTBoards combine a data projector to project screen data on to a large interactive, touch screen, white board and have completely revolutionized education for disabled learners, overturning negative perceptions of learning and lessening the frustration children often feel when battling to express themselves.

"Children with disabilities often benefit from a more tactile learning experience and educators can now appeal to one or more senses when presenting information. By presenting information visually, language becomes more meaningful. SMART Boards also hold children's attention and keep them interested in lessons for longer periods."

SMART Boards are equipped with SMART Notebook's which allows teachers to create and deliver interactive lessons. Internet access introduces educational resources such as Google Earth and YouTube.

An innovative child-friendly word processor, Clicker, is included in the schools' package for students who benefit from hearing words, picture-to-text correlation and word prompts. A text-to-speech feature reads back what students have typed and learners can click on any word to hear it read. Pupils are also record themselves.