When he had his accident four years ago, his boss said it would be impossible for him to continue working as a printer, as this requires standing. But, with a motto of making the impossible possible, he today has his own silkscreen printing business. ROLLING INSPIRATION met the man who put the Rolling into our new Rolling Inspiration t-shirts.

Divesh Sirkar is 23 years old and lives with his parents in Verulam in Kwazulu-Natal. Four years ago he was involved in an accident that left him a paraplegic (T10/11). But instead of contemplating a future where he could not continue doing what he had been doing since the age of 15, he decided to grow wings. He defied the impossible and continued with his job as a screen printer, in a wheelchair.

"Two years after my accident I decided to start my own business, Performance Silkscreen Printers. We print on anything, from t-shirts and pants to books and umbrellas. You name it and we supply and personalise it for you."

But, although this man today runs his own business and tackles housework head on, it took some time for him to come to terms with the fact that his life would never be the same again. "It was only a month after my accident that I could really acknowledge that I was now a paraplegic. And another two months of rehabilitation before I was discharged from rehab."

He was a young man of 19, with agirlfriend and lots of plans, when his life decided to take a course of its own.Unfortunately the relationship did not last, as her parents didn't want her to marry someone in a wheelchair, he says matter of factly.

Although Divesh still lives with his parents, he is adamant that he should live a life as close to normal aspossible. "I do need help to get into a car, but it is only because I don't have the type of wheelchair that you can handle on your own."

"I also don't have a converted car; neither have we changed anything at our home. But I manage my bath routine without assistance and help with all the house work, like washing, cooking, ironing and sweeping. I have always tried to achieve the impossible, no matterhow long it takes me."

That is why he gets quite passionate when he talks about his business. "I am not afraid of hard work and hope to grow my business to a level where I can buy automatic machines that will allow me to supply goods to big construction and clothing companies. But,what I would love most of all, is to get to a point where my company can afford to sponsor organisations for disabled people, like QASA."

"It would be wonderful to be able to employ other disabled people and teach them my trade. I want to show the public out there what we can achieve if we put our minds to it."

On a personal level his dreams are not small either. "I am working hard so that I can buy my own house and convert it in order to make my life easier. And yes, I would love to get married and start a family. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone could find a treatment for spinal cord injuries? Not necessarily to be able to walk again; just to have some sensation again."