DWDE's goal of a society where people with disabilities are included and valued as active members of the economy is achieved by facilitating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities within government and the private sector.

They shall be hosting the Cape Town Disability Career Fair And Expo 2012, 16 June 2012 at the Artscape Theatre from 09h00 and entrance is free.

The event provides an opportunity to learn about the world of work, resources, products and information for people of all ages - with any disability!

Exhibitors include employers; marketers of assistive devices; training institutions; financial institutions, bursary providers; SETAs; the City of Cape Town; business developers; entrepreneurs with disabilities and disability and youth organisations.

First Hope-Mandeville Careers Expo

500 scholars with disabilities attended the Careers Expo at the Hope School, Westcliff in April. The joint venture between Mandeville Aquatics Disability Swimming Centre of Excellence and the school provided an opportunity for interested parties to exhibit to, and interact with,the scholars. Event organiser, Paddy Slattery, spoke of the serious gap between school leavers and organisations wishing to employ people with disabilities. A major objective of the Hope-Mandeville Careers Expo is to minimise, andeventually eliminate, this gap by creating an effective network of all involved parties. Schools, learners and exhibitors petitioned the organisers for arepeat performance in 2013 and beyond.

Let's Hope!!

Hon. H. Bogopane-Zulu, delivered her budget vote speech in early May and made a number of commitments. The minister undertook to facilitate "access to education for the estimated 467,000 children with disabilities of compulsory school-going age, who are currently out of school, at the beginning of the 2013 school year" and to speed up the theimplementation of inclusive education. At all institutions of higher educationand FET colleges they shall be "developing minimum norms and standards for the establishment of disability rights units." These units will, amongst others facilitate access to reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities. "They shall be monitoring equal access by people with disabilities to government's economic empowerment programmes, such as the Jobs Fund, cooperatives development  and reviewing sheltered employed workshops." The majority of people with disabilities in South Africa live in rural areas and survive on social grants. "By ensuring universal access and design they hope to" contribute to the equalisation of opportunities and building inclusive rural communities. "They shall be escalating rural, community-based rehab to provide rehab and assistive devices and urged a compliance with universal access principles. International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2012 will be themed. "Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all" and will be celebrated in Mpumalanga.