Last Call

Popular Kimberley based O&P, Andre Wagener, passed away from a heart attack in February. Andre (62) started his O&P practice, Kimberley Orthopaedic Centre, 35 years ago in 1977!

He leaves behind his widow,Bernice, sons Aidan and Eugene, his daughter Jandreand four grandchildren.

Grand pa Needs a Leg

Titus Njakanjaka in Itsoseng (close to Lichtenburg, in the Northwest) is in desperate need of prosthetics.

Research Survey

Cristiana Bernardino at the Faculty of Engineering, Universityof Porto, in Portugal, is conductinganonlinesurvey, to identify guidelines for more efficient design applications, as part of his dissertation on Design Applications for Prosthetic Lower Limbs.

People with lower limb prostheses, O&Ps, orthopaedic doctors and other health professionals are invited to provide input.

HPCSA Reminders!

According to the HPCSA Ethical Rules for Medical Practitioners, HPCSA registered practitioners must not sell medical goods and products, or items associated with their scope of practice, directly to the public (ie. as a shop) using the practice number or name (as registered with HPCSA). You can open ashop but it must comply with the Registration of Companies Act, Credit Act and Consumer Protection Act.

Also please remember, group practices are allowed (in the same professional category)but each practitioner must keep separate treatment, prescription and billing records.

SAOPA Congress 2012

This year's mini-congress will be hosted by Brian and Nicci McKibbin at the wonderful La Montagne resorton the Ballito beachfront, KZN. Delegates are limited to 150 but expo space isstill available. Early booking and payment is essential. The Call for Papersdeadline has been extended to 20 May.

Ideally, delegates should book at La Montagne, other possibilities include the Hampshire and Life Hotels.Please state it is for the SAOPA Congress when you book and pay for youraccommodation. For La Montagne bookings call Dwight Westraad, . Delegate costs (excluding accommodation but including congress,teas, lunches, welcome function, braai, gala dinner, photo, CPD certificate andbrochure) are: R1,800 for SAOPA members, R2,300 for non-members, R1,350 for TUT students and R1,800 for supplier delegates.

Congress Sponsors are needed. Would you like to get extra exposure and mileage during the Congress?

The 2012 Congress brochure will be given to every delegate andexhibitor and you can ensure additional exposure by placing your advert in this A5 publication. A full-page, A5 colour advert will cost just R2000.

Rehabilitating Toddlers

We have a very active paediatric unit literally 25 meters from our front door and have been therefore rehabilitated quite a few toddlers. We would like to share a few of the thingswe have learned along the way.

Generally toddlers rehabilitate very well. Their minds hardly ever get in the way of the rehab (aswith older patients) - as long as you keep it fun!

The first thing youmust do is to make friends with the toddler, even if you get nothing else done during the first consultations. So make sure you have toys or games appropriateto the toddler's age available.

Secondly, make sure that no procedures hurt them - from casting (accidently pulling out a hair) to socket fitting. Hurting a child is the fastest way to make them negative.

Next comes treating the parents. Always remember that you are working with the person they probably love more than life itself! Explain everything to the parents in detail. Don' t forget that they are the ones who will have to assist the toddler at home - soit is important that they are very well informed.

Lastly, do call in the help of a physiotherapist who specialises in children. These therapists have really special ways of seeing into a small person's mind and, believe it or not, a toddler's thinking pattern can easily translate into a gait deviation.

Always remember that, in toddler rehab, their future is in your hands - so the things you do are vitally important - and always fulfilling!