Monitoring Human Rights

A global initiative, the Disability RightsPromotion International programme (DRPI), spent 10 days in Johannesburg training people with various disabilities to discover how their disabled peers experience life in South Africa since the signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

Ms Bongi Malope from the South African DisabilityAlliance (SADA) said, “The first step in this project is the training in Johannesburg. When the project is completed in October, we will for the first time ever know how the individual with a disability experiences life in SouthAfrica.

Experts from Canada, Rwanda and Zimbabwe taught attendees how to conduct interviews before sending them out into the field tomeasure five identified human rights principles:

  1. Dignity
  2. Autonomy
  3. Participation, Inclusion and Accessibility
  4. Non-discrimination and Equalityand
  5.  Respect for Difference.

This will be the first time that personal experiences will be recorded in South Africa.

Once the data has been analysed by the University of the Western Cape, the findings will be presented to Government as well as the UN and recommendations made on how to better fulfil the mandate of the UNCRPD.

40 Days 4 Charity

Stan Bransby shall handcycle, and his son, Wesley, shall run from Durbanto Cape Town in 40 days to raise awareness of the ability of people withdisabilities. This 40 Days 4 Charity initiative was the brain child of Wesley (in honour of his father) and is inpartnership with The Chaeli Campaign, which is also the recipient of any fundsraised.

Leaving Durban 1 December, and passing through 21 towns and cities, the duo shall have to complete at least 44kms each day!