We asked YOU to give us YOUR VIEWS on what would make South Africa more accessible and what you absolutely cannot do without.



  1. Attitudes must change.
  2. A shift in attitude, mindset and perceptions coupled with GENUINE "buy in" from government to take the needs of people withdisabilities seriously.
  3. Implementation and accountability. We have some of the greatest laws and policies in the world, however we need a user-friendly way ofenforcing these laws and policies and holding people accountable should theyfail to adhere to the laws/regulations in place.
  4. Disability needs to be mainstreamed and not be an afterthought or an add-on.
  5. Disability needs to be included in every single policy and law and not a separate, standalone policy.
  6. The adoption and policing of universal access in building regulations.
  7. Architect students should spend time with disabled people, spend a day on crutches and a day in a wheelchair to understand what it is about!
  8. A dedicated television programme highlighting the life and lifestyles of people with disabilities.
  9. 'Life skills' classes at schools should talk about disabilities.
  10. Awareness and understanding of our disabilities and needs within the general population.
  11. Education.
  12. Access to appropriate sources of communication and media to disseminate information.
  13. Access to safe, reliable, accessible and effective public transport.
  14. The Will to make a difference
  15. Making more provision for the disabled (in allaspects: working environment etc.)
  16. Ramps, at the correct ratio, instead of steps.
  17. Disabled toilets that are not locked or used as astorage place.
  18. Accessible holiday accommodation and activities. Hotels and guest houses should use access specialists to guide their architects.
  19. Access to public buildings.
  20. Accessible street parking and accessible mall parking thatis wide enough, roofed and policed.
  21. Many restaurants are not yet accessible.
  22. Better funding and coverage of disability sports and activities
  23. ATMS for people in wheelchairs
  24. Technology
  25. Jobs
  26. My carers. Without their care I literally would not be able to get out of bed in the morning.
  27. Without accessible/ adapted vehicles I would not be able to get to work, see my family or have a social life.
  28. Faith  to get up each morning with a smile
  29. Sheepskin to sleep on
  30. My medical  checkup.
  31. Voice-activated software allows me to be productive and make a contribution to this world even though I cannot physically use acomputer.
  32. Associations for people with disabilities. My involvement in QASA has enabled me to turn my life around. I was unemployed, unskilled and unaware of my rights or possibilities. I am now gainfully employed, have various skills, regained my self-confidence and self worth and am in a position where I am able to make a positive difference in the lives ofother people with disabilities. VIVA QUADPARA VIVA!
  33. A sense of humour! One is constantly confronted by situations to make you laugh or cry. I choose to laugh as I cannot wipe tears from my face!
  34. My wheelchair.
  35. My adapted quad bike.
  36. A good orthotist.
  37. My pension.
  38. Supra pubic and other catheters. Antibiotics for UTIs.
  39. Spouse, family, friends and professional support.
  40. My adapted home... especially in the bathroom (Bathlift!) and kitchen. Ramp at my front gate. Strap to open bottles or jars.
  41. My Service Dog.
  42. Splints and Walkers.
  43. Crutches and crutch bag.
  44. My typist chairon wheels. I even take it with me on holidays!
  45. My computer and computer gadgets.
  46. My commode.
  47. My air mattress.
  48. Scuba diving as an "absolute therapy" for body mind and soul!
  49. My Shoprider, my freewheel.
  50. Various wrist supports, straps and gadgets