To be in love and not be able to express your emotions is the torture . Forty-year-old Zama Dunga from Durban, is living with due to a heartbreaking experience.

In 2006, Dunga was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix and went for routine radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Tragically, an overdose of radiation burnt and damaged her lower nerves and she is now paralysed.

The radiation burn affected both her colon and her bladder. A colostomy bag gave Dunga much needed pain relief and she goes for regular urethral dilatation.

It seems that Dunga has come to terms with having to control her bladder by monitoring it hourly. But, it is the devastation of losing her vaginal opening and not being able to find a surgeon who can perform an operation to correct this, that is causing her anguish.

Dunga's husband has left her since the trauma of 2006 but Dunga has found love again. In her own words, "I am in love again, but what's the use if I can't have intercourse? I am wondering if there is still hope and help."