Geberit Southern Africa appoints new Managing Director

Mark Schurr has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Geberit Southern

All wheelchair users are welcome to participate and every participant receives a beautiful whale medal. The first 500 entries also receive a T-shirt.Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Mark is a BsC Graduate from Natal University and has been with Geberit since 1999.
In 2004 he was appointed as Operations Director. Throughout his career with Geberit he has contributed immensely to building and developing the Geberit Southern African organisation.

"Over the past thirteen years, we have built up a strong team across the country which goes about their jobs with great enthusiasm. At Geberit there is always something new to learn and I am excited to take on the challenge of steering the company to greater success," says Mark.

Geberit, as a pioneer and world leader, is well known for its water-saving, advanced plumbing and sanitary technologies. Founded in 1874, Geberit has built a reputation for sustainability, innovation, quality and reliability.


Tune in to positive thinking

Karen Key, who has been living with MS for 21 years, launched the Disability Report in 2010 after identifying a need for a programme dedicated to highlighting the needs and achievements of people living with disabilities. At the time (and still) there was no dedicated disability programming and as this is an issue close to her heart she felt that a programme such as this was long overdue. "As both the presenter and the producer of the show, the responsibility for the content of the show is entirely mine and I am able to structure the monthly programme in such a way that, although the time is limited, I am able to accommodate as much information as possible,"  she says. The programme is broadcast on the first Tuesday of every month on SAfm (104-107fm) from 21h05 to 22h00 and covers a wide range of topics, including sports events, education, employment, research, travel, the arts, assistive devices, disability expo's and chatting to some of the most inspirational people you'll ever be fortunate enough to meet. The show covers a wide range of disabilities and Karen is always on the lookout for new and interesting information relating to anything to do with disability.

The Hermanus Wheels and Runners race is the only fully integrated race in South Africa for people with disabilities and able-bodied athletes to participate together in several categories. The seventh annual race will take place on the 11 th of May 2013 and athletes should start working on their transport sponsors.

The fastest times in 2012 were 31 min 23 sec. for the 10 km and 47 min. 21 sec. for the 21,1 km races and athletes from all over the country attended the race. Who can beat that?


The athletes times for the 2012 race ranged between 31 min (winner) to 2 hours for the 10 km and between 47 min. (winner) to 2h 30 min. for the 21,1 km.

A paraplegic man dragged himself across the New Mexico desert for three days after becoming stranded without his wheelchair.

Rick Gilmore, 49, who was found with wounds to his left leg and buttocks, was eventually rescued by a passing motorist after dragging his body nearly four miles across the desert scrubland.

Gilmore is being treated for acute kidney failure from dehydration, a sprained wrist and a blood infection. He spent two days in intensive care and it could be at least another week before he can go home.

He was found along a seldom travelled road on the Navajo Nation about 10 miles from his home in Newcomb, which is on the eastern side of the reservation.

Gilmore said he was dropped in the desert by a couple in a white truck whom he met while he was hitchhiking. He had invited them to his home for steaks and they later went for what Gilmore thought was going to be a joyride.

When he declined to share his alcohol with them, Gilmore said the man grabbed him by his feet and threw him out of the truck while parked along the desolate road.

It was early evening and Gilmore had nothing -  no wheelchair, no food, no water, no coat- to help him endure the flat desert scrubland.

"It was dark and I was shivering and the wind was blowing so I just crawled to a bush and dug in right there. It was cold that night," he said.

With the sunrise, survival mode kicked in.

"I started dragging myself. I did the same thing all day and I only got about two miles," he said.

After spending a second night at the side of the road, he said he woke up sore and thirsty and didn't want to move.

"I could have easily gave up and said forget it, but I said I'm not going to freeze out here and I just kept on going," he added. Gilmore lives by himself and lost the use of his legs in a car crash years ago.

On the third afternoon, a man in a blue pickup truck stopped and called for help.

Chairman Industries unveils new look

Chairman Industries celebrated their "NEXT LEVEL UP" with the official opening of the newly renovated top floor of their building in Jeppestown. Chairman occupied the ground floor of this historical building in Auret street, Jeppestown since 1986 where all manufacturing of mobility equipment, grab rails and the fitment of hand controls to vehicles took place. The second floor of the building was occupied by Sterling Footwear. After obtaining ownership of the building and Sterling footwear's owner passing, the renovations started a year ago.

Chairman Industries now has a wheelchair accessible elevator, wheelchair friendly bathrooms, three new offices, spacious store and show rooms and newly equipped space for the assembly of wheelchairs.

During the opening, Mathys Roets delivered a stunning performance that was also dedicated to Viv Sierra, Director of Chairman industries, who celebrated his birthday.

Save this date!

Curamus and Rolling Rehab will be hosting SA's first Interactive Driving Expo for people with disabilities at the Swartkops Air Force Base in Pretoria on Saturday 9 March 2013.

This will give people an opportunity to demonstrate their own adapted vehicles, test drive vehicles and check out the latest adaptations for cars, quad bikes, motor bikes and well as mobility aids.