Randall Wynkwardt was only nine years old when he became a quadeplegic. Since then, he has overcome many obstacles and he shares his inpirational story with us.

On what seemed to be a normal school day RandalI was only nine years old when he fell off a fence at school and became a C3 quadriplegic. He was rushed to the Red Cross Children's Hospital where his heart stopped twice. The doctors gave him six months to live. "I proved the doctors wrong and went home after spending 7 months at the Conradie Hospital. My parents sacrificed everything for me and after a year at home I attended Astra Special School until Grade 11," he says. He suffered from many lung and bed sore complications which prevented him from completing matric. After he was interviewed on the radio he was offered a sponsorship to attend False Bay College as it was his dream to study fashion design. Randall completed his NIC and NSC in Graphic Design and Mouth Painting and was nominated for Student of the Year and received awards for both graphic design and painting.

Tough times

"However, my life changed when I lost a court case against the State and being let down by people who took advantage of my situation. I had really hoped to be able to get an accessible vehicle and home, as well as assistive devices to become independent. I also wanted to continue my studies and find a job. It seemed like my dreams were not coming true and I felt very depressed".

After my first competition I becaAfter a few years he became a trainee facilitator for the Chaeli Campaign Ambassadors Program where they develop entrepreneurship and life skills with the youth in Mitchells Plain. Caeli introduced him to wheelchair dancing... “me very emotional and realised that my dream of dancing was alive once again. Although life has been very tough, all I want is to show the world that people like me can do anthing whether it is dance, study, paint or work. They just need people to believe in them and to be given the chance." He hopes to find work and do something that makes a difference in young people's lives.

"Never give up, know that there is hope, and always believe in yourself and your dreams..."