So you are aged between 60 and 90 years old and just as you begin to realise that ageing is not for sissies life throws you a curve ball and you are faced with the big A nobody even wants to talk about - yes, amputation knocks on your door. What is even worse if that you can see the worry and fear in the eyes of your family because amputation is a BIG decision.

And you start thinking am I going to be ok? Am I going to make it?
I have often experienced that children rehabilitate quicker than older patients because their minds don't get in the way of the rehabilitation process.
I know that I am leaving out a few variables by saying so, but there is really a lot of truth in this statement. I am asking you while you are sitting there thinking I am supposed to enjoy my grand kids and the retirement I slaved for to embrace this change and to give yourself the benefit of the doubt and a chance at rehabilitation and yes, a chance at life!

I can assure you that hundreds of amputees in your position were very pleasantly surprised at just how easy this amputation rehabilitation steps really is. I have witnessed this in my own practice with various older patients.
I know a 76 year old man that refers to his amputation after being rehabilitated as "the flesh wound" and there are very few reasons not to adopt his mind set. Unfortunately, I am limited to a few pictures otherwise I could have filled several pages. Please let these few examples motivate you to accept this new challenge and realise that your situation has the potential to unfold into a truly inspired "senior moment!"