Stand With Stan has assisted its first candidate, Mpho Motaung, a 29-year old amputee by providing him with good quality prosthetics that will greatly improve his quality of life.

Mpho lost his leg in an accident in June 2008, and since then he has had great difficulty adjusting to the loss of his limb.Finding himself without medical aid or employment after the accident, he simply did not have the resources to be fitted with quality prosthetics. The leg he was furnished with following his accident was a standard prosthetic, and the fit was not perfect which meant that he had not been able to walk properly for the past four years.

Stand With Stan, a non-profit organistaion's, mission is to ensure the provision of necessary prosthetics and the mentorship to enable a better attitude towards living with an amputation to amputees who are less privileged. The vision is to eventually help a number of amputees that have been empowered to live a fulfilled life by reaching their full potential.

For the organisation's first official case, they have partnered with Marco du Plooy, a medical prosthetist from Pretoria. Du Plooy used Mpho's existing leg, but has replaced the knee and supplied a new silicone sleeve and socket. These enhancements will go a long way to ensuring an increased quality of life for Mpho. The post-rehabilitation is a crucial part of the process, and as such will be included in Motaung's ongoing therapy.
"We are excited about the opportunity to work with Mpho," said Stan Andrews, CEO of Stand With Stan. "This is our inaugural project, and we hope that it will set the tone for hundreds more to come. It is pivotal that amputees in South Africa have somewhere to go when it comes to finding good quality prosthetics- even if they do not have the funds to pay for them."

The costs for the work done on Motaung's leg will be carried by Stand With Stan, and Du Plooy has come on board by donating his time to ensure that this young man has the opportunity to lead a normal life.

The organisation will also be looking to expand its offering through a team of nominated prosthetists across the country, so that amputees can be assisted irrespective of their location.

To find out more about Stand With Stan or to make a donation, please contact Stan

Prosthetic hand wins award at prestigious science fair Hearn Johnson from South Africa finished third at the International Science and Engineering Fair in the US recently. He took along with him the prosthetic hand he had entered into the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists.

His idea for a prosthetic hand - with moveable fingers and wrist, which gives amputees enough power to pick up a 40kg weight - came to him after a friend's father was shot in the arm. Hearn, who matriculated from Hoerskool Drie Riviere in Vereeniging last year walked away with the third place award in the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering category at the event for his prosthetic hand that gives lower-arm amputees bilateral hand function.

This remarkable young man has always dreamt of studying engineering, like his father, and now that dream will come true courtesy of a full merit bursary from Eskom to study an engineering degree at the University of Witwatersrand.