QASA Seatbelt convincer

A road safety project with a lasting message Have you tried the QASA Seatbelt Convincer? This QASA project allows you to experience the impact you would have in a vehicle collision travelling at 8km per hour - wearing a seatbelt. Once you have had this short ride, you will always use your seatbelt! Do you want to rent our Seatbelt Convincer for your corporate function?

Free Digital Training

Computer literacy is essential to finding employment. QASA offers entry level computer training at no cost for persons with disabilities. During the training you will also learn skills on how to prepare for a job interview, telephone etiquette, typing skills and how to create your own CV. We have two Digital Village Training Centres in South Africa, one is based in Durbanville and the other in Pinetown.

Breadtags for wheelchairs

Don't forget to collect your breadtags! Breadtags for Wheelchairs, is a project facilitated by the Polystyrene Packaging Council of South Africa. Recycle breadtags, and in return wheelchairs are distributed.

Every 247,5kgs of breadtags equals four wheelchairs.

QASA AGM: Save the date

Do not forget to diarise this important event. QASA will be holding its Annual General Meeting in Durban on the 14th of September 2013. This is QASA's chance to report to members, partners and stakeholders.

Come and join us, more information will be provided in due course.

Becoming independent

George Killian has joined our Driving Ambitions programme as an instructor and we encourage all people in Gauteng with mobility impairments, who might need the facility of adaptations to drive, to consider making driving a reality.

With an adapted vehicle to suit your needs, George aims to instruct people with disabilities to pass their driver's license and become independent.