In this column I would like to discuss transport. Carefully study the picture below and you will see two transport devices, both in Nara Bronze metallic and both retailing in the region of R700 000. The Land Rover.

Firstly, lets discuss the 2013 Land Rover Discovery SE 3.0 litre Turbocharged Intercooled V6 Diesel with eight-speed automatic gearbox.
With 183 Kw on tap, combined fuel consumption of 9,3 L/100Km, height adjustable air suspension and off road programs its easy to see why she's a legend, both on and off the road.

She weighs in at 2.5 tons and can easily transport seven adults at speeds of 180Km/h. Otto Bock Genium Prosthetic knee

Secondly, we are looking at the Otto Bock Genium Prosthetic knee and the specifications are just as impressive! It offers continuous sampling of multi-environmental inputs, including a gyroscope and two-axis accelerometer. This means that the knee knows exactly what it is doing and its position in space. It knows if it is tilted, moving forward or backward, or up or down.

The knee is preflexed so that the total foot contact is reached quicker, thereby improving stability and shock absorption. The electronics and hydraulics make sure that stability is maintained when walking slopes, or uneven terrain. The knee supports multi-directional movement so that you can take quick steps in any direction. With this knee you can ascend or descend stairs leg over leg. You can climb over an object with the prosthetic leg first. When leaning against a wall (or a Land Rover), it locks automatically so that you can rest your entire body weight on the prosthesis.
It is splash proof. In fact this knee is so clever that if you pick up your child, it immediately reads the weight increase and instantly adjusts the stability hydraulics accordingly.

This means that you can carry on with your life without having to worry about the position and stability of the knee, and the fear of falling becomes a distant memory. This knee is one of the closest products to a normal human knee available today. It weighs 1.3kg and it can carry one person as fast as he/she can ambulate. Both products have Active Stability Control, Bluetooth, Remote Control and a Maintenance Plan. I am going to leave this here so that the readers can make their own conclusions because I am busy developing an identity crisis? am I a Prosthetist or a Car Salesman? Prices and Products mentioned are purely informative and not contractual and may differ from dealer to practitioner.