I hope you all had a fantastic festive season and that you managed to relax and forget about deadlines, budgets and projects - even if it was just for a little while!

Work seems to increase each year and so I need to continuously evaluate my performance and outputs. Sitting at the beach during my holiday I took time to reflect on whether I had achieved all of my job goals for 2010.

I realized that I was happy with most, but not all, of my achievements and that there were things that I would do differently during 2011 to increase my efficiency, allowing me to do certain tasks better and faster. Another important question I asked myself was whether I am happy doing what I do or do I just do my job because I have to? So that I can get paid? Am I passionate about my job and do I really enjoy what I do? Do I see my worth and impact in the organization and does that motivate me to do more and to try out new things for better results or do I allow job challenges to make me negative and adopt an attitude of "doing just what I must do?" Am I happy with the status quo and do I feel secure in my job because of my status of being a disabled person?

So, with 2011 upon us, I want to suggest that we ask ourselves what it is that we want to achieve during this year in our jobs. I spoke about setting goals in a previous article and I encourage you to write down each and every goal you wish to achieve during this year. See 2011 as an empty book and realize that whatever is written down can only be determined by you. Allow yourself to be the main star and empower yourself to such an extent that you will stick to your goals and not deviate. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on each goal and do not allow anyone to distract you from achieving those goals!

How about a goal to be the best employee, or to get that promotion you have been working for, or perhaps to become more assertive, or to become more confident when making presentations or to start, or grow, your own business? Dory Willer confirms that by writing down your goals - and by using the process of visualization - you are able to focus on your new paradigm and achieve amazing results.

The workplace is becoming tougher and more challenging each year. Whilst budgets and resources seem to be diminishing higher targets and greater profits are demanded. This requires employees to become more creative, flexible, resilient and innovative. Allow this to motivate you! Continuously raise the bar as this will differentiate you from your colleagues.

I hope this encourages you to set, and work towards achieving, your goals because you are able to do it if you really want to. Be passionate in whatever you do and never give up. 2011 is going to be a good good year...