For people who use prerecorded messages on portable , light weight communication devices the new Tobii S32 is available in two models, the S32 Touch (activated at the touch of a finger) and the S32 Scan (activated via switches or fi nger touch).

As each Tobii S32 has interchangeable keyguards offering 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 button locations users can grow their number of messages. It also allows for multiple users. The Tobii S32 offers over 60 hours of storage space making it possible to store words, phrases, stories, sound files and even a favourite CD!

The Tobii S32 provides access to around 190 recording levels enabling a user to transfer their entire communication book onto the device for more independent communication. Exchangeable paper overlays indicate a button’s sound or function to the user. Each overlay, containing the user’s text, symbols or photographs, is placed onto the device beneath the corresponding keyguard. The bar-coded overlays (created using the accompanying software, SymbolMate) inform the Tobii S32 which message to play. SymbolMate can be used for classroom resources, worksheets, games, object labels, schedules and more. Hospitals, teachers and therapists can design pages and record sounds for more than one device and it includes a selection of readymade activity pages and templates. In addition to the standard grid layout there is the option of visual scene layouts with targets within pictures e.g. a child could press on the door in a picture of a classroom to activate ‘I want to go out’. All buttons beneath the door are clustered together and all produce the same message. Function queuing enables the user to combine up to six buttons before the entire, combined message is played sequentially.

A headphone socket with independent volume control allows users to listen to auditory prompts of the button’s contents before the message is spoken aloud. The S32 Scan has integrated infrared environmental control so it can be used as a remote control to change TV channels or turn on a lamp. In hospitals speech-impaired patients can use the device to communicate or to adjust their bed, TV channel, lights etc.

Infrared toys can also be activated - introducing cause and effect activities and simultaneously enabling motivating activity and commentary. Switch adapted toys can be directly connected to the two ‘toy jacks’. Four 1.5V AA batteries last for months under normal usage conditions.