There are many affordable andsimple communication solutions available. Many can even be made yourself!

Velcro is extremely useful andquite cheap. Pictures and symbols can help emergent readers to associate wordswith items eg. a picture of pencils labelled ‘pencils’ stuck onto a pencil jar.Stuck on with Velcro the card can easily be removed and learners asked toattach cards to the correct items. Velcro is available with a sticky adhesiveback and in handy coin shapes. Peel the Velcro from the strip and attach it toyour card or item.

Learners who find structureand routine important benefit from a schedule. Cards depicting activities suchas ‘getting dressed’, ‘breakfast time’, etc. can be stuck onto a PictureSchedule with Velcro. If something is going to change this can be explained byremoving, adding or swapping cards. Picture Schedules have a handy pocket tostore additional cards.

Portable Communication Boardsare available in A4, or large, stand-alone units and are made ofVelcro-receptive material. Teachers attach topically relevant cards such as‘Wet your hands’, ‘Wash with Soap’ etc for a lesson on how to wash your hands.Again, learners can be asked to put cards in the correct order.


Velcro aprons can be worn byteachers. A learner can point to symbols to indicate their needs such aspointing at the image of a toilet.

BoardMaker and SymbolMatecontain thousands of easily searched symbols and contain black and white andcolour images. Create a page of cards, print, laminate and cut up. Add yourVelcro and you’re ready to go!