It is apunishable offence for a South African of 18 years or older to leave or enterSouth Africa on a foreign passport.

In order to travel overseas one requires a valid traveldocument issued by the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA). Do not expect the facilities to be accessible when applying! Should you encounterany difficulties please let QASA know: 

Apply for travel documentsat least six months before your departure.

Only a South African citizen may apply for a SA Passport.Non South Africans please refer to point 3 below. Fingerprints are required if16 or older and fees are payable in cashwith application.

Two recent photos of you (head and shoulders - 35mm x45mm) must accompany each application. Put the initials and surname on thebacks.

All information in the application is subject toverification. Original ID books, birth certificates, naturalisationcertificates etc will be required.

The easiest way to apply is to download forms from and print them out. You can also collect forms from yournearest DoHA. Complete the form in BLACK ink! Sign and submit in person(together with your photos, supporting docs and cash) at your nearest Dept ofHome Affairs office.

Replacements / Re-issues:

Present any existing valid tourist passport. If yourpassport has been lost or stolen you must provide a loss of passport report(DHA-335) and confirm that you reported the loss to the police. Loss, theft ordamaged passports as a result of owner negligence will cost double.

Passports cannot be renewed and should have at least twoblank pages for entry stamps. These cannot include the “endorsement” page atthe back. For visas you must ensure that you have two blank facing pages – onefor the visa and one for an entry stamp. Your passport must be valid for aminimum of three months AFTER your return date. If you are working or studyingout of the country renew your passport before it expires at your nearest SouthAfrican Consular office.

Married Women:

Passports are issued as per the surname that appears on thePopulation Register. Women wishing to have their passport issued in anothersurname should legally change their surname before applying for a passport, orsubmit a certified copy of the marriage certificate with their application.

  • Passport- 16 years and older – valid for 10 years.R400
  • Passportapplication form (DHA-73)
  • Youroriginal ID document and a copy
  • If under 18 years, parental consent.(See Item 2)
  • Determinationof citizenship Form (DHA-529) whenapplying from abroad
  • Maxitourist passports for frequent travellers have 48 pages. Only issued tocitizensover 16 years.

Passport- under 16 years – valid for 5 years. R400

  • The child and both parents must be at the Home Affairs office (or SA Mission/Consulate) to apply
  • The child’s birth certificate and a photocopy
  • Passport application form (DHA-73) signed by both parents if they are married

oIf aparent is not available their letter of consent is required and a copy of theirID document.

oIfdivorced with joint parental rights: both parents must consent and both mustsign the application

oIf aparent cannot be located or refuses to consent: the matter must be referred tothe Children’s Court. The Court’s decision must be submitted with theapplication

  • If a parent is deceased: their death certificate and a photocopy must accompany the application
  • For minors born out of wedlock: the biological father’s consent may be requested
  • If the applicant is in the care of a guardian: proof of the High Court’s appointment
  • Minors travelling without their parents must have written permission from both parents
  • If the child no longer resembles the passport photo a new photo must be endorsed

3. Document for Travel Purposes – Less than 5 years. R400

  • For residents who cannot obtain travel documentsfrom their countries of origin.
  • Passportapplication form (DHA-73)
  • Written confirmation from your home country that they cannot issue you with a passport,unless you are a refugee
  • Yourpermanent residence permit and a copy
  • Your SA identity document and a copy

4. Emergency Passport (Certificate) – valid for less than 9 months - one trip only. R140

  • For South Africans who must travel urgently forreasons of death, sickness etc
  • Passportapplication form (DHA-73)
  • Writtenmotivation with proof of the emergency (e.g. doctor’s letter confirmingsickness)
  • Aschedule of travel arrangements
  • Proof of SA citizenship – either ID book, birth certificate or oldpassport anda copy

5. Temporary Passport – 1 year. R180

  • For South Africans who have applied for a passportbut not yet received it. Some countries do not accept temporary passports.
  • Proof that you have applied already. You can also apply at the same time.
  • Passportapplication form (DHA-73)
  • Youroriginal ID document and copy
  • Writtenmotivation for the passport
  • Ifunder 18: consent from parents
  •  If under 16: birth certificate andcopy

For further information or assistance – please do nothesitate to contact your local travel agent or myself.